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Courtesty of Yelp

Elisa B. - Manhattan, NY (6/30/14)


Quite possibly the best shop in Cape Girardeau! Overflowing with vintage treasures. Take your time to stroll through and slowly uncover all the wonders offered here. I spent over an hour just browsing the displays. All are carefully arranged for your viewing pleasure. Room after room this shop is filled with relics from the past. They offer everything. Clothing, accessories, nicknacks and furniture at beyond reasonable prices. Living in NYC spending $6 for two tomatos is the norm, I have become accustomed to paying top dollar for just about everything. I was in shock at the prices. Only $10 dollars for that prefect condition 1920's linen hat, $15 for that beautiful1950's dress... How can this be??!


That being said, by the time I finally reached the dressing room my arms were overflowing with treasure. Picture a little child rummaging through a toy store (a smile from ear to ear) picking up things as she goes, arms so filled she can barely see where she is walking.  (They do offer baskets for this very reason) 

I ended up purchasing so many items I am now in search of a UPS store so I can ship it all to New York. I'll be going back tomorrow for round two just to make sure I didn't miss anything. 


Part of me doesn't want to tell the world because of my own selfish hording reasons. Mine mine all mine! But something must be said because this store really is a jem.  Shhhhhh through... Let's just keep the secret between us.

Cindy R. - Cape Girardeau, MO (1/20/15)


Great antique shop.  Lots of fun things to discover.  Very retro finds.

Gordon L. - Sewanee, TN (5/4/14)


This is not to be missed. It is the most unique experience I have had in an antique store. Well worth your time.

Rachel R. - Arnold, MO (7/6/13)


One word: KITTY!! 

This place is the bomb when it comes to antiques. We were passing through Cape for a lunch break and decided to check this place out - and I'm so glad we did. Annie Laurie's is in an old funeral home in the charming downtown area of Cape Girardeau. 

Packed with very reasonably-priced items as far as the eye can see: glassware, vintage kitchen stuff, lamps, wall art, furniture, you name it. 

Oh, and there is a cat named Dan. 

Laurie (owner) is very friendly and helpful.

Courtesty of Trip Advisor

Jon L. "Wildly popular antiques" (12/15)


Annie Lauries is the kind of place that make you want to visit Cape Girardeau. It's a fun antique store... the rooms are filled with a wide variety of antiques displayed in ways that makes wandering around easy. There's usually something for everyone at Annie Lauries and the staff is simply amazing!


Mari W. "Lots of antiques, good prices, open on Sunday" (9/15)


I visited Cape Girardeau on a Sunday. Most stores (and restaurants, too) near the waterfront tourist area were closed. Not having many choices, I visited this antique store. There's a lot to see, I think I was there for about half an hour. There is even a basement. I saw a beautiful carved wooden desk with drawers that was only $150. It should have cost over $500. If I lived closer and knew it would fit in my trunk, I would have bought it. Instead, I came away with 8 pretty ice cream bowls for $5 plus tax. I don't visit antique stores very much, so I'm not sure how this place compares to others, but it was definitely fun wandering around. My family didn't complain. I worried a tiny bit that I might knock something over since some of the spaces were tight. I wouldn't go with very young children.


AZRover41. "A must for antiquers" (9/13)


This is another spot we always visit when in the Cape. Annie's is a tall old house with many rooms, all crammed with goodies. We love snooping here, plan a meeting place, & never go out empty handed. Staff is friendly, prices fair. You never know what you'll discover. Be aware that there are many steps in front; if this is a problem, park in back & come in the back door.

Advocate91 "Great place to stop in and explore" (7/15)


We love stopping by exploring all of the finds. This is one of the only antique stores I've ever been in that didn't make me feel claustrophobic. Not only are there great finds, Laurie stages the store so things are organized and just a fun setting to browse in. Need a decorating idea? She can help. Looking for something specific? Laurie always amazes me with the designs and settings she creates. And can't forget Ms. Gail too! Something new all the time, so worth going often!


NNMinNa. "One of my cape "must do" places" (3/15)


I grew up in Cape and have fond memories of watching the annual SEMO University Homecoming parade from the terrace in front of the building. I moved away 25 years ago, but when in town to visit 1-2 times a year I -always- stop by Annie Laurie's either solo or with my childhood BFF and "junking" buddy. There is sooo much to see and well arranged; how long you stay depends on how carefully you peruse the goods. Don't miss the basement. When you're finished treasure hunting head further downtown for lunch and to see the riverfront sites and shopping opportunities. Enjoy.

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Annie Laurie’s of Cape Girardeau is owned and operated by Laurie Everett. She has a reputation for great design and is available to assist you in your quest for quality, unique pieces and wonderful value.


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